Weekend Wellness: Stop and Smell the Roses

Stop and smell the roses! Take a few minutes every so often this weekend to focus on a pleasant sensory aspect of your environment. Give your brain permission to stop analyzing and synthesizing and let it rest on something that brings you joy!

Take deep breaths.

Focus on the smells around you. Today I’m enjoyed the fresh scent of the eucalyptus trees along the walk to my meeting, and I’m loving the warm scent of apples that fills my room coming from my candle.

Look up and around.

Follow the light. See it filter through the trees or your window. Watch the sun set and the stars appear. No, the light from your computer doesn’t count!

Savor the moment.

Sip your coffee or tea. Take in the sweetness and the bitterness. Pretend to be a snob for a minute–what do you taste? Don’t rush through your meals to get back to work.

Feel the rain on your skin.

Or the wind; the sun; the water; the material  of your favorite comfy sweater or swishy skirt/pants. Feel something other than busy.

Just listen.

Listen to the birds; the leaves rustling; the steady thrum of traffic; a song that makes you feel something. Listen to music that isn’t your usual study/work playlist.

It feels good to unplug and slow down for a moment, doesn’t it?



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